Booking, Cancellation, Usage, and Weather Policy


After filling out a request to book with us, we will send you an email confirming date, time, and address. Please consider this confirmation of our time and yours. Please follow this guideline property preparation best practices. Upon arrival, please have the property ready to shoot. Although we may move around minor room decor items, we will normally shoot the property as is.


Weather happens, and we understand. Depending on the services you are ordering, in most cases we can shoot around it, and users won’t even suspect that it was a not a perfect day. If a shoot is cancelled for weather, it should be cancelled the morning of a shoot. There is no point to worrying for days on end prior to a shoot if Mother Nature is going to cooperate. In most cases you have a client that has prepared the home thoroughly, and often there are contractual obligations to get the property on the market. We are here to help. If you have questions about this, please give us a call @ 615-270-8881. 

Cloudy / Gloomy Days

Cloudy skies are actually an advantage. It means that the sun will not be casting harsh shadows on any side of the property. Because all of our cloudy day shoots come with a free blue-sky replacement, we get the benefit of consistent light around the home, and the feeling of a nice sunny day at the end.

Rain and Snow

If the home does not have floor to ceiling windows (Here is a property that we would not recommend shooting during the rain), we highly recommend that the shoot should proceed even during rain. In this scenario, we can at least shoot the interior of the home, and it will appear pleasant outside. Here is an example of a home that was shot in the pouring rain.

Even on a rainy day, we will usually get a window of time while shooting to take the exterior photos also. All of our shoots come with free blue-sky replacement, so it will always appear like a nice day. In the event the rain is persistent, and we cannot shoot the exteriors, we will return for free to reshoot when the weather cooperates for the exteriors.


Free Cancellation
Shoots can be rescheduled or cancelled for any reason up until 5pm CST the day prior to the shoot.

Shoots that cancel the day prior, but after the 5pm cutoff will be charged $50.

Day of Shoot Cancellations
Cancellations the day of the shoot, for reasons other than Rain/Snow will be charged 50% of the amount of the shoot. Please know that we consider your time, your client’s time, and our time valuable. Please know that we have scheduled this time specifically for your shoot. We have scheduled other shoots around your shoot, or even declined other shoots, because of yours.

On Site / En Route Cancellations
Cancellations after we are en route, or already on site to your shoot will incur the full rate for the shoot. 

Usage and Ownership

Upon payment in full, 360Nash licenses permissions to the client to use our materials (photos, videos, models, schematic plans, and renderings) for the purpose of marketing the specific property, and self promotion. Social media posts of our work are permitted by the client, provided that our social media profile is tagged as a photo credit. Ownership of all material created by 360Nash is owned by 360Nash unless otherwise stated in writing. Prior to payment in full, no licensure is granted. 

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