Preparation Guidelines

Please see a list of compiled recommendations based on our experience. By no means do we believe this list is comprehensive, nor are any of these required, but in general these are the things we recommend.

  • The property is in top condition as desired to be shot when we arrive. We will make minor modifications as needed with home decor. 
  • All pets should be in the garage, in a cage, yard, or preferably offsite. While we love animals as well, for best results we recommend. 
  • Windows blinds should be either halfway up (and open), or completely up. 
  • Window Curtains should be 75%+ open and symmetrical
  • All trash cans are emptied or hidden, all toilet plungers should be hidden
  • All lights are on and all fans are off  
  • All toothbrushes, toothbrush holders, and cosmetics be tucked away into drawers
  • All see-in showers remove shampoos, conditioners, soaps, sponges/loofahs, razors, etc.
  • All magnets be removed from refrigerators
  • All remote controls should be hidden
  • All vehicles should be removed from the property or put in a garage for exterior shots. 
  • All toilet seats should be in the down / closed position
  • Hide all trash receptacles not in view of the front of the home. 
  • Please have windows cleaned inside and outside
  • Please have home landscaping 
  • Hide cords when possible 
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