How to Make a 3D Virtual Tour?

How to Make a 3D Virtual Tour?

How to Make a 3D Virtual Tour?

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3D virtual tours have become popular in the real estate market for several reasons. These include improved buyer experience, saving money and time, personalized options, and more. However, some property owners don’t know how to create a 3D virtual tour. This is where experts at 360 Nash enter and guide you through the creation process.

Here are the vital steps to create a 3D virtual tour.

  1. Decide Which Tour Type to Choose

  2. Select the Right Equipment Type

  3. Clean and Declutter the Property

  4. Select the Shots for the Shooting

  5. Plan and Stage the Tour in Advance

  6. Choose the Virtual tour Technology and Software

  7. Ensure There is a Strong and Stable Internet Connection

  8. Always Maintain the Right Tripod Level

  9. Capture a Few Tests Shots for Virtual Tour Creation

  10. Shoot the Actual 3D Virtual Tour

  11. Create the Tour in the Software

  12. Share the Tour with Clients

How To Make a 3D Virtual Tour? A Step-by-Step Guide

3D virtual tours have become residential and commercial properties' most significant advertising tool. They give an in-depth and realistic experience. If you are a real estate agent or owner of a local business, these tours will provide benefits. Here is a complete guide to creating a stunning 3D virtual tour.

Decide Which Tour Type to Choose

Before creating a virtual tour, determine the kind of tour type that suits you best. You can choose from the following:

  • 3D Matterport Tours
  • Google 360 Street View Tour
  • Virtual Staging
  • 3D Virtual Walkthrough

You should research each type's benefits, features, and add-ons to match your goal and your audience’s taste.

Select the Right Equipment Type

Selecting the right gear and equipment is the key to getting great pictures and videos. Invest in a 360-degree or DSLR camera with a wide-angle lens to capture the whole space in detail. Check that your equipment is compatible with the virtual tour software you want to use.

Clean and Declutter the Property

Before shooting the 3D virtual tour, clean and de-clutter the property. A neat space will appear more appealing in the virtual environment and offer a better user experience. Remove all obstructions that might interfere with the perfect image.

Select the Shots for the Shooting

Property owners should understand that every part of their property will be shot. However, you can decide on some specific areas that you want to stand out. Identify the vital features, the unique selling points, and the important rooms to be focused on during the filming.

Plan and Stage the Tour in Advance

You can sit down with 3D Virtual tour experts like 360 Nash and plan how you want to create the project. Decide the sequence of room appearance in the finalized tour. Also, give importance to staging because it will help you arrange the furniture and appliances. Consider how the tour will go and whether your users will quickly move through the space.

Choose the Virtual Tour Technology and Software

Choose a virtual tour software and technology that you'll use to create and host the tour. The most favored program is Matterport for these reasons:

  • Virtual reality experience offers visitors an overview of the property.
  • Precise depiction of the space with the help of reality 3D rendering.
  • Enhanced experience for potential buyers or renters.
  • Saves money and time for remote viewers.

Ensure There is a Strong and Stable Internet Connection

A reliable internet connection is vital to making a 3D virtual tour. This will help you upload and share your virtual tour. The main reason is that the pictures and videos can be high-quality and require a stable and robust internet connection.

Always Maintain the Right Tripod Level

Using a tripod is the best way to avoid a shaky camera. It will help you maintain stability and consistency throughout the tour. Be sure you keep the camera level at the average person’s height. Also, be careful to place the camera in a central position so it isn’t closer to any specific object.

Capture a Few Tests Shots

Before creating 3D tours, take test shots to ensure the perfect lighting, framing, and overall quality. If you think the lighting in the property isn’t proper, adjust the camera settings, shift the equipment position, and change the things on the property.

Shoot the Actual 3D Virtual Tour

The next step is setting everything and capturing the virtual 3D tour. You should follow your planned route and take pictures of every area. Be sure you take shots from various angles to cover the whole property.

Create the Project Using Virtual Tour Software

Upload these captured images or videos to the selected virtual tour software. Use various software tools to piece everything together. You can incorporate interactive features like photos (DSLR), aerial photos & video, and Matterport's year of hosting for an excellent experience.

Share the Tour with Clients

Once you have created the virtual tour, it's time to share it with your clients. You can use various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, SMS, WhatsApp, and email or upload the project on different websites. You can also contact 3D virtual tour providers like 360 Nash to view the projects.


Learning how to make a 3D virtual tour requires using the right tools, careful planning, and attention to detail. This step-by-step guide will help you promote properties and spaces interactively and powerfully. So, invest in 3D Virtual tours to set your property apart.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I plan a virtual tour?

It would be best to start by identifying the purpose and target audience. Then, choose the locations or spaces to highlight and outline the tour route. The appropriate technology will be selected, and the shoot will be scheduled to plan a 3D virtual tour.

What is virtual tour software?

Virtual tour software is an application that helps users to design, edit, and publish tours. You can find various features, including stitching images or videos, adding directions, and embedding multiple types of content.

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