Points To Ponder Before Hiring Real Estate Drone Photography

Points To Ponder Before Hiring Real Estate Drone Photography

Points To Ponder Before Hiring Real Estate Drone Photography

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Many people visit various companies providing real estate drone photography; they don’t know whether the business is giving the right services. Although they understand what drones are and what they serve the purpose, they still can’t figure out a few things about them and their relationship with real estate photography.

Hiring Real Estate Drone Photography Consider on these Points

So, the experts at our company have some suggestions and points to ponder when you visit us or contact our representatives. These markers will help you understand how the entire process works and what points should be considered when hiring our services.

The Pilots have to be Certified

Although there is no need for a drone operator to be licensed, you have to make sure that the company has a safety certificate that will ensure the drone operator is trained to face all kinds of challenges. The pilots can achieve mastery in flying a drone but assuring everyone’s safety is essential.

Know About Previous Clients

We happily provide access to the list of our previous clients for you to check. You can visit other links on our websites to learn about 3D virtual house tours, Matterport tours, Google Street View, virtual staging, and scan to BIM services.

Following Public Safety Precautions

People think that flying a drone is like drinking water, but there are certain things that a pilot has to concentrate like carefully flying in crowded areas; so that accidents can be avoided. The damages done to the drone are covered by insurance, but what if the injury to people. That part has to be paid by the company owning the drone. To avoid this situation, the pilot has to follow safety precautions like flying at a slow speed and be vigilant all the time.

Gain Insight to Performance Report

It will help the drone operator if the company collaborates with the aviation department. The aviation department will keep an account of the performance of the pilots, issues faced by the operators and companies, progress in training, delivering safety reports, time delays, and analysis of data provided by drone service providers.

Professional Hire Inspector of Drones

Most accidents happen because professionals do not check the drones and related equipment. But at 360 Nash, we have hired professionals who will inspect the drones before the service is provided and, most importantly, afterward. If an issue occurs, it can be solved within the right time.

The Pilots Should be Experienced

The experience of drone pilots has a wider meaning in which they have to know the right flying technique and should know about handling dangerous situations. This comes with constant practice and learning new ways to fly drones safely. Also, the operator should be skilled in taking the perfect pictures and flying them.

Buy the Best Equipment

The drones that we have are of the best quality as they are one reason accidents can be avoided. Also, the camera attached to these drones has HD quality, great resolution, and adjustable lenses. The customers are always satisfied when they get the best results from photographs.

What Price the Company Offers

You have to know a few things when determining the price of real estate drone photography. These include the type of camera needed, shooting video as an additional option, how long you will hire the service, and many drones required.

Read more for further insight: What Are the Costs of Real Estate Drone Photography?

What are the Risks of Flying a Drone?

Although the whole electricity suppling system is underground in most locations, pilots can face risks like other drones, smaller planes, and birds flying in the same location. It is important to know these risks and be prepared for them.

Providing Post-Photography Services

The real estate drone photography service doesn’t stop at just capturing the pictures and videos; we provide post-photography services like editing the pictures and sending them to clients.

We always encourage our clients to look into these points when visiting our company. These suggestions will help you make the right decision.
Here are three questions that will increase the understanding of drone photography for real estate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a drone in photography?

Drones are also known as unmanned aerial vehicles operated remotely by a pilot. These devices can be used to take aerial pictures of various areas.

Can I use my drone for real estate photography?

Yes, a drone with a camera attached can be used for real estate drone photography. But the thing that you need to consider is that you should be certified to start a real estate business.

How much does drone photography cost?

The cost of real estate drone photography depends upon several things. These include the camera type client has selected, shooting videos, and how much time to spend on photography.

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