Excellent Tips to Create Impressive 3D Virtual House Tours

Excellent Tips to Create Impressive 3D Virtual House Tours

Excellent Tips to Create Impressive 3D Virtual House Tours

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We are now living in a post-COVID era, in which many restrictions are a part of our lives. Everyone has to survive with them, most notably the restriction of gathering people in one place. This restriction is especially hard for people in the real estate business because they can’t show a property without gathering buyers. Companies like us create 3D virtual house tours to show properties to multiple buyers to solve this issue.

9 Excellent Tips for Impressive 3D Virtual House Tours Creation

To create an impressive 3D virtual tour, our team has to undergo many steps from picturizing the house, downloading computer software, and arranging it properly. But there are certain tips that we have to follow to make the tour of excellent quality.

Checking the Equipment Earlier and Afterward

The first and most important thing that our team does is check the equipment before going to the shoot. The reason is that the camera doesn’t abruptly stop working during the shoot. This is done to avoid creating inconvenience for the client.

Choosing the Right Time for Shoot

Many of the clients request to come and shoot their house at night. The technical staff explains to them that to picture the property correctly, an abundance of light is necessary. So, the best time for the shoot is during the day.

Right Exposure of Camera is Selected

As mentioned in the above point, the right time for shooting the virtual tour is daytime; so, our staff has to make sure that the camera lens aperture is minimum. Also, the room's brightness should be considered when adjusting the aperture of the camera lens.

The Setting of the House is Correctly Done

This next tip is for the homeowners because they have to arrange the furniture and other things so that the actual space is captured. This will give the buyers a clear perspective of the house and how much space the rooms have.

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The Rooms are Brightly Lit

Sometimes the 3D virtual tour might be shot in the evening, so less natural sunlight will reach inside the room. The homeowners should have an arrangement of artificial light inside the house. if it is still daytime, the window treatments should be pulled up so that the rooms are properly lit.

Clients Watch from a Far

Our team at 360 Nash understands that clients are curious about seeing how we create virtual tours, but clients should also know that picturizing the 3D tour is a complicated process. If there is the slightest distraction, the quality of the whole tour will be compromised. So, we recommend that the clients watch the tour picturized from a distance.

Exterior Picturized by Real Estate Drone Photography

We also offer the service of drone photography for your real estate property. The aerial view from these drones is excellent and provides a great perceptive of the approach to the property. The clients also want to have the exterior and backyard of the house to be included in the tour.

Wide-Angle Shots are Taken

If you want to give the buyers the experience of the rooms, then taking shots from a wide-angle is suggested. Close-up pictures will not be impressive, and the buyers will not know the room's actual size. Also, make sure that there are no mirrors when taking wide-angle shots, as reflection will disturb.

Adding Extra Features to the Tour

We offer other features besides 3D virtual house tours that will enhance the buyer’s experience. These include Matterport tours, drone photography for real estate, Google 360 street view, virtual staging, and general photography.

These are the tips that we follow and request our clients to think over when our team arrives for the virtual tour shoot.
These are three questions that will increase your knowledge of virtual tours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a virtual tour?

To make a virtual tour, you should have the right equipment know the correct technique of shooting the 3D virtual house tours. Any slightest mistake can ruin the whole shoot, so hiring professional companies to provide the best virtual tours of your house is recommended.

What is more attractive, virtual reality or augmented reality?

Virtual reality is more attractive because you can have a reality-based experience in it. Like if you are viewing a house, you will have an actual perception of the property's space.

What are the modern technology trends in real estate business?

The latest technologies that are now trending in the real estate business include 3d virtual tours, Matterport tours, drone capturing video and photographs, Google 360 street view, and virtual staging.

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