What Factors Affect The Cost of Getting 3D Matterport Tours Made?

What Factors Affect The Cost of Getting 3D Matterport Tours Made?

What Factors Affect The Cost of Getting 3D Matterport Tours Made?

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Matterport tours offer an excellent way for businesses to showcase their buildings, and they also provide real estate agents with a great way to sell their properties faster online. With the recent lockdowns and travel restrictions, more and more people are browsing the internet searching for potential businesses they want to buy from. Not to mention most of the real estate purchases had already been taking place online even before the pandemic struck. So, it makes sense why we at 360 Nash have seen a rise in the demand for 3D Matterport tours in the past year. And when companies or real estate agents are planning on getting a 3D virtual tour made by us, one thing they ask us about is the cost of the tour. While we have standardized packages, namely Bronze, Silver, Gold, and All-inclusive, that you can avail at varying costs, each package has its set of add-ons that you can get by buying more expensive packages. The prices for virtual Matterport tours are affected by several cost factors, and in this article, we will tell you all about them.

Factors that can affect the cost of Matterport virtual tour

Each Matterport virtual tour project that our team handles come with its own set of complexities and requirements. Therefore, we carefully understand the requirements of the project before suggesting a suitable package for them. The prices of our Matterport virtual tours vary depending upon the following factors:

Size of the property: The size of the property that our team has to scan and convert into a virtual tour greatly affects the overall cost. That is because it takes more time and resources to scan a larger property than a smaller one. So, if you have a property that is up to 5000 square feet in size, you will have to avail our Gold package. Then again, smaller properties that range below or equal to 2500 square feet in size are going to cost you a lot less if you want to get a Matterport tour made.

Storage of your Matterport tour model: We also allow you to store your virtual tours with us. Although some companies may charge you more to store the 3D tour model, it is the part of the package when you get a tour created by us. The standard duration for the tour model storage is one year for all our packages. However, you can buy additional tour model storage by paying a little extra on top of the package cost.

Add-ons: Just like you can buy more years of storage for your tour models, you can also get additional add-ons for your 3D Matterport tour. Add-ons can cost you a varying amount of money depending upon the type of add-on and how much of them you want. For example, you can get time-lapse of your property as an add-on to your virtual tour made through our platform. Similarly, you can get panoramas, aerial shots, high-quality photos of the building, and more by paying extra for each feature. Naturally, the more add-ons you pile on top of the standard virtual tour; you can expect to pay extra for each feature.

Got any questions about or Matterport 3D tour pricing or add-ons? Just get in touch with us, and we will be happy to help.

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