Vital Questions to Ask About 3D Virtual House Tours

Vital Questions to Ask About 3D Virtual House Tours

Vital Questions to Ask About 3D Virtual House Tours

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Today many people are afraid of visiting a house to buy because the COVID-19 is spreading again and with new variants. So, property owners are trying to find ways to make house viewing safe. One of their best options is the 3D virtual house tours our company can provide.

Vital Questions Concerning 3D Virtual House Tours

There is a misunderstanding of the questions concerned with the 3D virtual tours only the property owners can ask. But the buyers who will experience this technology can also inquire about this concept. The following are important questions that clients should ask about 3D tours.

What Sort of Method Is being Utilized?

The first question that clients should ask is what equipment the company uses. Our company, 360 Nash, uses the best equipment that gives excellent results. The camera and software will create a virtual tour with an enhanced resolution.

Can you Gain Access to Previously Created 3D Tours?

It is important to know the quality of virtual tours, and one of the ways is to look at the work done for previous clients. We will provide our potential clients with the work done for the previous and existing ones. This way, the clients will be satisfied that they have hired the right company.

How Many Rooms Can Be Shot?

Although our experts have recommended that all rooms of that house should be selected, a comprehensive house tour is created. But the final decision is made by the clients. There is no limit to the rooms selected, but the price will be adjusted accordingly.

How to Prepare the Room for a Virtual Tour?

The clients must remember that the virtual tour cameras are delicate and tend to capture whatever is lying around. So, it is important to clear out all large and heavy furniture to empty the room.

What will Clients Experience During the Virtual Tour?

Experiencing the 3D virtual house tour is nothing like looking at the pictures and videos on your mobile device. It is a reality-based technology in which the clients will feel like they are visiting the actual house. We at 360 Nash provide the best experience to our clients. A difference between visiting a real house and a tour is that the clients can ask for changes and view it immediately.

Can 3D Virtual Tours be Integrated with Real Estate Drone Photography?

Sometimes clients demand to add extra things like real estate drone photography, Google Street View for commercial buildings, virtual staging, and Matterport Tours. We can include these services in the virtual tour as add-ons to enhance the tour's experience.

How should Clients Prepare for the Virtual Tour?

The clients need to know the right ways to prepare for the shooting of the virtual tour. It would help if you kept the rooms clear of all large furniture. There should be no pets present as the cameras will capture their images. If you want to know further on how to prepare for a virtual tour, then read the article mentioned: WHAT STEPS ARE TAKEN FOR COMPOSING 3D VIRTUAL HOUSE TOURS?

Should the Clients be Present During the Shoot?

The clients can stay during the planning and setting up of the shoot. But when our technicians start the 3D virtual tour, the clients should not come in the way of the cameras. They should either go someplace else or stay outside the house.

How Long will the Virtual Tour Shoot Take Place?

The time spent on shooting the virtual tour relies upon the number of rooms and size of the houses. Additionally, when our clients want to add-ups, more time to create the virtual tour. Sometimes clients don't like the initial tour and demand a reshoot. This is also a factor that can delay the time for creating the tour.

Can Furniture and other Items be Added Afterwards?

If the clients ask our technical team, we can add items and furniture to the 3D virtual house tours. Although, we recommend keeping the rooms empty during the tour; so that the space of the building is properly known. These are the questions that clients should ask us, and we will be glad to answer them.
Here are three questions that will enhance your understanding of 3D virtual tours

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between virtual tour and 3D tour?

The simple virtual tour captures the image in two-dimensional height and width. But the 3D virtual house tours photograph the depth and the two dimensions mentioned above. This gives a realistic look to the whole tour.

What is a 3D virtual tour?

The 3D house tours are virtual walkthroughs enabling buyers to view a property in real time.

Are virtual tours worth it?

Yes, the virtual tours are worth having for both the property owners and the buyers. The property owners can send the links of virtual tours to a large number of potential buyers. The buyers can experience going through the house like it is in reality.


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