Virtual Tours & 3D Models - influential parts of the Real Estate Industry 

Virtual Tours & 3D Models - influential parts of the Real Estate Industry 

Virtual Tours & 3D Models - influential parts of the Real Estate Industry 

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The real estate industry is one of the most profitable ones worldwide. However, it will only offer big profits when more houses and properties are sold. 360-degree virtual tours have become one of the most influential factors in selling a house. According to a study by the University of Iowa, virtual tours make a home sell faster and for a relatively higher price than a house that doesn’t offer it for the convenience of customers. 3D models of the buildings and houses have equally important in this regard. Different reasons make these modern features influence the industry and house prices. This blog will discuss those to educate you about the matter. 

How Do Virtual Tours Influence Real Estate?

There are different reasons and ways this virtual technology impacts the industry and makes the houses sell quicker. Some of them are discussed below. 

Realistic View of the Floor Plan

The factors of realism and the optimized view had to be on top of the list because virtual tours are more about them than anything else. The picture these tours and virtual models provide to the customers is more realistic than ordinary images, which is one of many reasons customers are attracted to a house that doesn’t just offer static images. Homebuyers get a clear idea of the dimensions of the house that helps them decide whether the property would suit them or not. 

Instant Preview of the House from Anywhere

One of the best reasons why 360-degree virtual tours are an excellent addition to the real estate industry is that the customers can have an instant preview of a house or a commercial property from anywhere in the world. All they need is a digital device to have a look at the property they plan to purchase. This way, they can narrow down their options before physically visiting the location, making the decision-making process quicker. 

Faster Customer Decision 

As mentioned before, the customers get a realistic and dynamic view of the property with a virtual tour. That allows them to decide whether they want to buy the house or not, without even paying a personal visit to the location, speeding up their decision-making and closing of the deal. 

Attract Buyers from Other Cities

As homebuyers don’t necessarily need to visit the property’s location to look at it, people from other cities can also preview the house and decide to buy it from wherever they are. A real estate agency that offers virtual tours of its properties on the website is more likely to attract buyers from other cities and states than those not offering any 360-degree view of the house. That allows agencies to sell their houses quicker and make more profits.

The factors discussed above are a brief overview of how virtual tours have boosted property sales and made the real estate industry more profitable than before. There are many companies like 360Nash offering to create 360-degree tours and video tours of your properties or any other location you have. Get in touch with them to step into a different and progressive real estate dynamic. They also offer to create virtual views of your school, hospital, commercial area, hotels, and even a police station.

360Nash Created 3D Model of New Brentwood, TN, Police Headquarters

As mentioned above, we create virtual tours and 3D models of all types of buildings and megastructures. We have recently made a virtual 3D model of the Police Headquarters in New Brentwood, TN, and it is available for website visitors to see and explore the building from every angle. It offers a dollhouse view, a 3D space view, floor plans of all the levels of the Police Headquarters, and a feature that allows you to measure the length and width of anything on your computer screen. The model is created using specialized cameras, panorama, and 360-degree images, and specialized software. With just one click of the button and movement of the cursor, you can explore every corner of this Police Headquarters. 

We have discussed some frequently asked questions by customers below. Keep reading as they offer some additional knowledge about the topic above. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are virtual tours important for real estate?

Virtual tours offer what is necessary for the real estate industry, i.e. a view of the property a customer wishes to buy. As a person takes a tour of the house, they feel like being at the location because of the realism offered, which speeds up their decision to buy the property. 

Are virtual yours accurate?

The accuracy provided by virtual tours is unmatched as they’re more realistic than pictures. These 3D and 360-degree visits allow you to have a clear view of every corner of the house and know the dimension of every room, helping you decide if the property fulfills your demands or not. 

How virtual tours help real estate?

Studies have found that virtual tours have boosted house sales as around 90% of the buyers decide to buy a house after they take the trip. Properties are also sold at higher prices, and the price increase ranges between 4% and 9%. 

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