Things to Consider When Hiring A Company For Your Real Estate Drone Photography

Things to Consider When Hiring A Company For Your Real Estate Drone Photography

Things to Consider When Hiring A Company For Your Real Estate Drone Photography

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Drone photography has become more accessible over the past decade, and even small companies and stores are getting drone footage made to promote their business. Real estate drone photography is still one of the most common applications of drone photography. We at 360 Nash often get contacted by real estate agents and even individual home sellers looking to get eye-catching drone footage of their properties. However, you can’t just hire any drone operator and assign them the task of making drone footage of your property. Drone photography and flying a drone are two different skills, and drone photography requires years of practice and expertise to perform correctly. So, if you are thinking of hiring a drone footage maker and don’t end up with average-looking drone shots, we suggest you keep reading. Because we have put together some things that you should consider when hiring a drone footage maker.

Things to Consider When Hiring A Company For Drone House Photography

Selling a house requires making your property stand out, and drone house photography allows you to achieve just that. If your home for sale ad stands out from the crowd, you have a chance of selling your property at a higher price. However, before you can move on to the selling process, you have to make sure you have good drone footage. A reputed drone footage maker such as our expert drone footage team will provide the highest quality and stable drone footage that highlights crucial aspects of your property. So, here are some things you should consider when hiring a drone footage company:

Quality of equipment: Drone photography requires heavy-duty drones specially designed to carry cameras, and you can’t expect a mini drone to capture high-definition footage. So, when you are hiring a drone footage maker, make sure the company has quality drones and drone-mounted cameras. Our drone operators use cameras and drones capable of taking 4k footage that breathes life into your properties for sale ad. Also, our drone operators are trained and specialize in real estate photography, so you can be sure that you get your best value when hiring out drone footage services.

Editing techniques: While the footage is the key component, the editing is equally important as far as creating a presentable drone video is concerned. Whenever you hire a drone footage company, make sure they have good post-production editing experience and look at some of their past work. Our editing and mixing team uses the latest software to add movie-level detail and expertise to your drone footage. So, when your audience is viewing your property’s aerial shots, they won’t be able to take their eyes off of it.

Drone operator’s certification: Flying a drone in specific spaces requires an operator’s certificate, which means the operator can legally operate a drone. Reputed drone footage-making companies have drone operators with complete certification and permits for flying a drone. Our drone operators regularly update their drone operation certifications to ensure they can safely and legally operate a drone.

If you are looking for real estate drone companies and want to avoid unprofessional drone footage makers, you need to contact us for high-quality real estate drone photography.

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