Industries that are Benefiting from 3D Modeling

Industries that are Benefiting from 3D Modeling

Industries that are Benefiting from 3D Modeling

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Artificial Intelligence has come this far that you can have actual visuals of things before they’re even a reality. We’re all indebted to technologies used to create 3D models of all those objects and places. With this technology advancing, businesses that aim to lead towards success and innovation have already incorporated it into their systems and procedures. Presently, you’ll hardly find any industry that isn’t using and making the most of this technique, with gaming and entertainment leading the way. This blog will discuss some of those benefitting from 3D modeling. So, we suggest you read till the end. 

Industries that Use 3D Modeling for their Benefits

Film & Entertainment

Most of the mesmerizing sets you see in movies today aren’t real. They’re all created through Artificial Intelligence and made to look natural. Multiple software and tools are used to create these effects, and the bigger filmmakers have developed their own to match their needs. 


Gaming is probably the top industry using 3D effects to improve graphics quality and make things look more authentic. The first-ever 3D game was released in 1980 and was named Battlezone. Technology has come a long way since then, and now every other video game is created with these effects. The graphics and effects in some of them are so brilliant that they’ll deceive you into believing that they’re real. 


Manufacturing an object, either big as an aircraft or puny as a tiny webcam, now involves creating a 3D model of it first. The best uses of this technology allow manufacturers to make changes to the original models as required and assemble the parts to create the final product. For example, car manufacturers can’t make the error of leaving smaller space than needed to fit in one of its parts, which is why they create a 3D model of the whole car to check if everything works perfectly. 


Among the most significant uses of the 3D models is in the healthcare industry. The virtual models of organs like the liver and broken bones have enabled surgeons and doctors to make the right decisions about the method they need to use to treat a medical condition. The crowns for your teeth are now being created through 3D modeling, making everything effective than ever before. 

These are just a few industries that use 3D modeling techniques to compete and thrive in the local and global marketplace. If you wish to create 3D models of your real estate, 360Nash can be one of the best real estate photographers you’ll find. Contact them to get what you wish for. Below is a description of a model they created for a police headquarters in Brentwood, TN. 

360Nash Created 3D Model of New Brentwood, TN, Police Headquarters

As mentioned above, we create virtual tours and 3D models of all types of buildings and megastructures. We have recently made a virtual 3D model of the Police Headquarters in New Brentwood, TN, and it is available for website visitors to see and explore the building from every angle. It offers a dollhouse view, a 3D space view, floor plans of all the levels of the Police Headquarters, and a feature that allows you to measure the length and width of anything on your computer screen. The model is created using specialized cameras, panorama, and 360-degree images, and specialized software. With just one click of the button and movement of the cursor, you can explore every corner of this Police Headquarters. 

We have also created a list of some questions customers ask and answered them to provide additional information about the topic. Please, read them below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do most companies use for 3D modeling?

All the companies use different software and computer programs to create 3D models of objects and spaces. Among the most popular ones is Computer-Aided Design (CAD) that many industries use to design and create these models. 

Are 3D artists in demand?

With the advancement in technology and frequent use of virtual and 3D models in all industries worldwide, 3D artists are in high demand nowadays. They can easily find a job in their field. 


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