How Can Homebuilders Use 3D Virtual House Tours?

How Can Homebuilders Use 3D Virtual House Tours?

How Can Homebuilders Use 3D Virtual House Tours?

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Technology has been benefitting every industry around the globe, and real estate is no exception. Artificial Intelligence, along with Virtual and Augmented Reality, is leading the way in taking these businesses into the future. The 3D virtual house tours result from the impact these technologies are making on the real estate industry. Several companies today offer the services of creating 3D models and 360-degree tours of all types of properties. 360Nash is of the most advanced and innovative firms using Matterport and virtual real estate photography to the best of their ability, helping builders and buyers make futuristic and rational decisions. However, this article will discuss how homebuilders can use virtual tours to benefit themselves and their clients. Kindly read it thoroughly to understand the usage of the technology. 

Ways Homebuilders Can Use 3D Virtual House Tours

Real estate tours are not a new concept in the industry, but they have come into the limelight recently. The quality of the images has improved significantly over time, and they have become more useful than before. We have discussed how homebuilders use all this to their advantage. 

Detailed Showcase of Properties 

Homebuilders can use house tours to showcase their luxury products to their investors, buyers, and other stakeholders. They’re a great way to explain the layout of the building in great detail while also attracting people towards it. For instance, if an investor is looking for a suitable location for their project and wants to know every minor detail beforehand, that is where real estate drone photography and virtual tours come into the picture. The homebuilders can provide them with images of any location, inside and outside the building, along with all the relevant information.

Operate From Anywhere

One important benefit of using this technology is that the homebuilders and realtors don't have to set up their offices at each location; instead, they can showcase their property to potential clients anywhere. That gives them a chance to take project orders at any time and place. Also, it increases their exposure, which ultimately leads to an increased number of projects.

Attract More Homebuyers

3D virtual house tours don’t just benefit bigger investors; they also attract more homebuyers to a builder’s website. The people looking to buy a property can thoroughly go through several houses virtually before choosing their favorite one. That allows them to make informed and detailed comparisons. They can choose a property according to their own will and taste since their decisions no longer depend on the real estate agent.

These are some ways homebuilders can use and benefit from virtual property tours and make their business flourish. If you have any questions about how these tours are created or wish to get 3D models, 360-degree tours, or drone photography of your properties, we suggest you get in touch with 360Nash. They can be your ultimate real estate photographers as they have all the necessary experience, skills, and equipment to provide you with what you wish for. 

We have created a small list of questions customers commonly ask. Read them as well to get some additional information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a virtual building tour?

Property tours or 3D virtual house tours are created through specialized cameras that take panoramic images of the inch and corner of the property. These images are stitched together with the help of software to give them a continuous effect. That provides you with a view closer to reality.

Do virtual tours help sell houses?

3D virtual house tours have proven to be very effective in selling houses, even without the housebuyers paying a personal visit to the property. They give a more realistic view and experience of the house to the potential buyers, helping them decide on buying it. 

How virtual tours help real estate?

States show that 3D virtual house tours attract more buyers to an online property listing than ads without a virtual tour. It has been found that listings with a virtual tour get 87% more views than those having just still images of the property. 

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