Ask These Questions Before Choosing Real Estate Drone Photography

Ask These Questions Before Choosing Real Estate Drone Photography

Ask These Questions Before Choosing Real Estate Drone Photography

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Today, real estate businesses use innovative technologies to ensure landowners can sell their properties efficiently. One of the best ways to do that is real estate drone photography. The drone can be defined as an Automated Aeronautical Vehicle (UAV) that is used to take pictures and videos of properties for aerial survey and inspection.

Questions to Ask About Real Estate Drone Photography

Knowing vital things about a company providing drone photography is important before hiring them. These things are the pilot's experience, the year of the company's establishment, the quality of equipment, and much more. Clients can know about these by asking questions. We at 360 Nash have the answers to all your concerns which will be discussed in this blog post.

Do Pilots have Authorization and License?

Flying a drone casually is one thing, but taking pictures, making videos, and operating takes different skills. The drone pilots have to overcome obstacles that can make photography difficult. So, the pilots must be trained and licensed to fly the drone without making mistakes. This also makes our company legit, making clients trust us more.

Will They Provide Past Clients Reviews?

Asking for the referrals of previous clients will tell you about the quality of services and equipment a company uses. Our company will provide referrals if the clients ask for them. You can also visit our website to view the pictures and videos taken by the drone.

Is Drone inspection Done Under Professional Supervision?

Sometimes the drone operators are given the training to inspect the equipment properly. But the drone photography companies like ours hire professionals to check, maintain, and repair the equipment. Routine maintenance ensures that the drone is in proper working condition.

Are there Adequate Drones and the Labor force?

A drone photography company needs to ensure that there are enough drone pilots, technicians, and equipment; so that no client has to wait for services for too long. Not having enough labor force and photography drones can harm the company's reputation.

Do the Pilots Know the Flight Rules and Safety Regulations?

Our company hires drone pilots who know the flight rules and follow all safety regulations. These rules are important, since they ensure nothing happens to the equipment and the results produced are high-quality.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire the Service?

The pricing page on our website, 360 Nash, will guide you on the price of drone photography and other services. The factors determining the cost of drone photography include the type of equipment used, the time duration of service hired, the quality of pictures and videos the client demands, and lastly, whether the drone photography service is for commercial or residential properties.

What Other Services do these Companies Provide?

Our clients and website visitors need to know what we provide. The services we offer include 3D virtual house tours, Google Street View, simple photographs, aerial photographs and videos, and virtual staging. These services help the property owners to attract more buyers.

What Will be the Quality of the Final Product?

The clients want to have the best quality pictures and videos of their property. We provide the finest final product quality by using the best equipment, photography techniques, and software.

Will Privacy of Others be Ensured?

When doing drone photography, it is possible that the drone might accidentally capture other houses. This can violate the privacy of the people living in that house. We at 360 Nash ensure that the drone operator is careful when on the job. Also, the house owners can be informed about the photography and stay inside for that time.

Can Drone Photography Service be Used for Commercial Buildings?

There is no restriction that real estate drone photography should only be used for residential sites; it can also be beneficial for commercial buildings. Our company provides the best services for both commercial and residential clients. We encourage our clients to ask questions about drone photography to eliminate doubts and fears about this technology.
Below are three more questions that might help enhance your experience of drone photography.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a drone worth it for photography?

Real estate drone photography is the best choice if you want beautiful aerial videos and pictures of your property. You get unique and cool shots of the buildings and the surrounding area.

How are drones used in photography?

The drones used for photography are specially designed. The operator flies the drone from a remote location, and the camera captures pictures and records videos for the owners who want to sell their properties.

Is drone photography real photography?

Yes, the images and videos captured from the drone are real. The camera attached to the drone captures real images of different buildings and the surrounding areas for the purpose of helping people sell their properties.

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